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Altana Wealth manages personal estate, the main aim being to counter the destructive effects of market cycles, inflation and misalignment of interests, by delivering real (inflation-adjusted) returns. We realized that this type of wealth-preservation approach was likely to be of interest to outside investors, particularly as it is based on family money built from working in financial markets successfully over a 20 year period of immense market volatility.

Our experienced team has a deep passion for asset sustainability and we focus on long term development of our client’s real wealth.

Clear and transparent with our investment approach making opportunities that are available to our own capital available to our clients with the best liquidity and terms achievable.

We invest our own money alongside our clients with a view that preserving global purchasing power is the best way to take advantage of opportunities in global assets, especially when others are being forced out.

Location: London United Kingdom


Lee Robinson, Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Lee is the founder and chief investment officer of Altana Wealth. Prior to launching Altana, Lee co-founded Trafalgar and was CIO of Trafalgar Catalyst Fund and Trafalgar Special Situations Fund. He also worked for 3 years at Tudor Capital, where he was senior manager responsible for building an impressive Global Equity Risk Arbitrage portfolio. Prior to that he worked at Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust and Paribas in trading both equity derivatives and credit derivatives.



Ian Gunner, Portfolio Manager

Ian is a Director and Portfolio Manager of Altana Hard Currency Fund. Ian has 25 years experience formulating strategies in currency and bond markets involving macro analysis of the global economy, research into cross-border financial flows and implementation of market timing indicators for trading signals.



Alex Krainer, Portfolio Manager

alex krainer

Alex is the Portfolio Manager of Altana Inflation Trends Fund. Alex has a continuous track record managing a CTA managed futures business since 2007. Prior to that he was responsible for a financial and commodities derivatives risk management and trading business, called Galstar Derivatives Trading Ltd.



Fons Vermorken, Portfolio Manager


fons vermorken.jpg

Fons Vermorken is the Portfolio Manager of Altana Director Alignment Strategy. Prior to that, he was a Quantitative Analyst at the Investment Division of Brit, where he was responsible for alternative asset allocation and performance modeling. He started his career as a quant developer at Société General Corporate Investment Banking in the Hedge Fund Risk Department. Alphons studied Computational Finance at Ghent University and Financial Economics at the ESCP-EAP in Paris and Solvay Business School.



Steffen Dietel, Portfolio Manager

Steffen Dietel is a Portfolio Manager of Altana Cross Asset Portfolio Offshore Oil & Gas Opportunities. Steffen has over 19 years experience in finance. Prior to Altana, Steffen was an Investment Director at Laidlaw Capital Management wherein he was responsible for a cross asset portfolio of around $1bn USD, he was previously a Portfolio Manager at Schadeberg Family Office and Dresdner Bank AG. Steffen is a CFA charter holder since 2003.


Samed Bouaynaya, CFA, Risk Officer & Director

Samed is the Risk Officer and Director for the UCITS funds.

Samed has had sell-side experience in quantitative analysis, pricing and risk oversight of structured products across Equity, Credit and Rates since 2005.

Prior to Altana, Samed was a Credit Quant Analyst at JP Morgan, then an Associate Director at RBC Capital Markets where he covered senior quantitative and risk roles supporting derivatives trading.



Philip Crate, Portfolio Manager/ Head of Credit Research

Philip rapidly rose to head of credit research at BNP Paribas in 1999, followed by 4 years as head of European and Asian credit at Bear Stearns [2000-03] then Commerzbank [03-04] as head of global credit including high yield and emerging markets.

After that he joined the buy side at PMA [04-07] as fixed income CIO investing in full range of credit products including loans, PIKs. Post the sale of PMA he entered into a similar role at Mount Capital overseeing $350m of diverse credit investments.

In 2012 he joined Lloyds bank to establish a special situations credit trading desk followed by Mizuho [13-14] as their High Yield Strategist

Before joining Altana he advised Tideway on their UCITs credit fund and managed bespoke credit and equity portfolios for the firm’s clients.


Matthew Little, Senior Credit Analyst

Matthew is the Senior Credit Analyst for the Altana Corporate Bond Fund, rejoining Philip Crate who he worked with on Special Situations at both Lloyds and Bear Stearns.  Matthew has over 25 years experience working in credit. Previously he was  Managing Director, Head of Special Situations Research for RBS, a managing partner for Ravenscourt Capital, a European long-short credit fund, and an analyst/trader on a proprietary distressed debt operation for BNP Paribas.


Alistair Milne, Cryptocurrency Investments

alistair milne.jpg

Alistair is the co-founder and CIO of ADCF, has been an Internet and mobile entrepreneur since 1996. As Director of New Media at the Stream Group he assisted in their AIM floatation and designed and managed the implementation of one of Europe’s first ‘premium SMS’ billing systems. Alistair has more than 15 years’ experience in both eCommerce and mCommerce.

Since 2012, Alistair has been active in the Bitcoin ecosystem both as a Bitcoin “miner” and trader. Alistair graduated from UMIST, Manchester with a BSc Hons in Computing Science.



Mark Engelbrecht, Chief Financial Officer

Mark is the Chief Financial Officer of Altana Wealth (based in London). Mark was formerly Head of Fund Accounting and Finance at Trafalgar Asset Managers, where he worked for 4 and a half years. Prior to that he worked for Fortis Prime Fund Solutions, a hedge fund administrator based in the Cayman Islands.


Neil Panchen, Chief Technology Officer

Neil is the Chief Technology Officer of Altana Wealth (based in London). Neil has 20 years experience implementing and running front office trading and risk management systems in FX, Commodities and Equity Derivatives. Held senior IT positions at Deutsche Bank (Euromoney Survey No. 1 FX bank – generating 1bn revenue) as Global Head of Commodities IT and Global Head of FX IT through 2008.



Mohsin Khan, Head of Operations and Compliance Officer

Mohsin is the Head of Operations and Compliance Officer at Altana Wealth Limited (based in London). He previously spent 3 years at BlueCrest Capital Management where he managed a team across asset classes and funds. Prior to this, Mohsin worked at several Investment Banks, notably Merrill Lynch where he headed up a consulting team which involved strategic planning of resources across different locations.  Mohsin graduated with a degree in Information Technology with Accounting and Finance.



Tom Gillham, Senior Operations Analyst

Tom is an experienced operations analyst with both Buy side and sells side experience. Tom spent the last year at Fortress covering the Centaurus Event driven fund and the Fortress Macro fund where he was an Operations Analyst covering several asset classes. Prior to this, Tom worked at BlueCrest within the securities team managing the corporate action front to back process. Tom also has 6 years’ experience working at Morgan Stanley within a trade support environment.



Nerissa Ventanilla, Head of IR and Compliance Officer

Nerissa is the Head of IR and Compliance Officer at Altana Wealth SAM (based in Monaco). She joined Altana at its’ inception in 2010, following the successful completion of her master’s degree in Finance from the International University of Monaco. Prior to joining Altana, she held an internship in the Corporate and Project Finance department at SB Capital Investment Corporation.



Mohinder Thomas, Office Management

Mohinder joined Altana Wealth from Egerton Capital. Prior to this she held various office management/ executive assistant roles at companies such as FTSE/London Stock Exchange Group and British Petroleum international. Mohinder graduated with a degree in Criminology.