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Alternative Money Fund, LP® is a cryptocurrency hedge fund that is committed to provide exceptional returns through an actively managed diversified portfolio of blockchain assets. With the emergence of Bitcoin, Altcoins and this exciting new technology have created a new asset class for investors. The volatility associated with the cryptographic verification and game theoretic equilibrium, these blockchain-based digital assets create valuable opportunities in an actively traded portfolio. Our trading strategy does NOT use leverage or margin. Returns are reported monthly and capital accounts may be increased or redeemed each month.

Blockchain tokens are an emerging asset class which adds a monetary incentive layer to p2p protocols and facilitates equity crowdfunding that anyone in the world can participate in. This means for the first time, open source software developers can monetize their networks at the protocol level, and users of the network are the equity owners of the network. In this model, disproportionate returns go to holders of the tokens rather than investors in private companies built on top of the protocols.

Location: Manhattan Beach CA


John Chalekson, Managing Member

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John co-founded Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Management Company, which manages Alternative Money Fund, LP.

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