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Astronaut is a  crypto investment service which seeks to capitalize on the growth of investment and market adoption of cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).  While coin offerings have benefited from the success of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, there remains a significant need in the market for a due diligence-backed investment methodology to avoid boom and bust cycles. Astronaut seeks to establish a streamlined offering, whereby both retail and institutional grade investors can participate in a variety of research-backed tokens and avoiding the need for their own due diligence and subscription process.

Astronaut has a focus on transparency and analysis, relying on strict criteria which guides the placement of funds within their portfolio. Utilizing the company-owned research team, Picolo Research, they maintain the highest of due diligence standards to ensure they maximise risk-adjusted portfolio returns.


Location: Claymore Hill, Singapore


Matthew Dibb, Founder and CEO

Matt Dibb


Matthew is a capital markets professional with an extensive history in seed stage investment, venture capital, small cap analysis and corporate advisory. He is also a corporate advisor to ASX IPO’s.

In 2016 Matthew started a private consultancy firm for the creation of blockchain focused research reports to HNW investors. At the beginning of 2017, this research business transformed into Picolo Research, a research house used by over 10,000 subscribers

Matthew is also a Contributor to TC and VentureBeat.

Michael Gord, Flight Engineer

Michael Gord

Michael is the Founder & CEO of MLG Blockchain and Board of Directors at Bitcoin & Blockchain Alliance Canada. He is also the Founder at Bitcoin Canada. He is a Technical writer at Bitcoin Magazine.

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Simon Heikkila, Mission Specialist

simon heikkila

Simon specialized in product development and large scale technical projects for over 5 years. 4+ years in micro and macro market research for technology firms.


Scott Moore, Flight Engineer

scott moore

Scott is a Data Scientist with 4+ years of experience in technology and blockchain. He is also the Founder of Finnovate & GitToken. Previously investment and risk analyst.



Roman Volkov, Flight Engineer


Roman worked as a lead technical developer for almost 8 years. 3+ years as a technical analyst and a Blockchain experience of 3 years. Worked across Asia, UK & Europe.


Jon Myers, International Mission Specialist

jon myers 40.png

Jon gained 20+ years experience in design and founded over 12 startups. He is a Chief marketer and growth hacker. Designer of CoinSimple.

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