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AxionV uses advanced AI trading methods to maximize investments. While human investors are slow and emotional, AxionV is fast and calculating, using proprietary algorithms and unique trading methods at a lightning speed.


Morgan Hill, Managing Partner and Head of Operations

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Morgan Hill,  is an emerging expert in blockchain technology who first discovered Bitcoin in 2009, helping to conceptualize one of the first online trading platforms associated with coinFX, enabling everyone from consumers to institutional funds to trade bitcoin like a commodity or currency. Subsequent developments included work on the theoretical framework of a blockchain exchange and order management system.

Mr. Hill previously held a position as a director at Attis Capital LLC, a small New York-based hedge fund for all publicly traded markets. He holds an MBA from Willamette University.



Peter Borovykh, Head of Algorithmic Trading Strategies

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Peter has made his name in the traditional financial background and later became fascinated with digital applications of blockchain in finance. He is a quant who has created his own groundbreaking algorithmic trading strategy based on quantifying the market sentiment and leveraging the emotion of market participants. He set out to illuminate that part of the finance industry. He is currently finishing his book “Blockchain Applications in Finance”.

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Marco Pereira, Head of Quantitative and AI Strategy

Marco Pereira

Marco Pereira, a lead researcher at AxionV and author of “The Hypergeometrical Universe”

Marco is also a professor of Credit Risk Modeling at the Mathematical Finance Program at Rutgers.



Jingyuan Luo, Senior Quantitative Trading Analyst

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Kim Anson, CCO

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Alexander Kashpar, CTO

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Betty Yusupov, US  Legal Council

Betty Yusupov



Max Vasiliev, Lead Software Architect

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Marcus Chin, Head of AxionV Singapore Operations

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Nick Walker, Blockchain and AI Specialist

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Matsvei Arshinskiy, Full Stack Developer

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Ivan Aksyonov, Solidity Developer & Blockchain Advisor

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Jake Gaynor, Cryptocurrency Analyst 

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Kyoung Kim, AxionV Ambassador to South Korea

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Yan Zhu, AxionV Ambassador to China

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Georgiy Nagibin, AxionV Ambassador to Russia

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