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Beth is the first ever closed-end fund focused on applying the latest advances in deep learning research combined with financial expertise. Beth will provide an opportunity for anyone interested in being part of a new generation fund that will reduce the risks and complications in favor of using Deep Learning techniques. They are developing complex trading models and strategies with the possibility of learning, developing and improving over time. Beth is a level above the conventional solutions and will allow obtaining great returns of the investment from the first days thanks to the technology that is behind her.

True decentralization and automation are carried out in the background, where Beth’s learning will be constant. This is something that many Wall Street investment funds are already experimenting to maximize profits and optimize their efforts. They decided that it is time to generate equality for all by pulling down technological barriers and guaranteeing access to the latest technology to any interested investor. This is what we are passionate about.

Location: Tokyo, Japan


Seiji Yoshizaki, Founder


Hayato Takano, Cofounder