BitFin Capital
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  • Investments in tokens and cryptocurrencies
  • Sponsorship and advisory to take select companies through token crowdsale
  • Equity investments in crypto and blockchain startups

Some of their short term strategies include participating in token pre-sales, sponsoring select qualifying companies through the token crowdsale process, and capitalizing on the carefully identified arbitrage opportunities inherent to the emerging cryptocurrency markets.

Our long term strategies include “buy-and-hold” of tokens and cryptocurrencies identified through a proprietary model and traditional VC style equity investments in select blockchain startups with the potential to grow into long lasting industry leaders.

Location: San Francisco, CA



Dmitry Ufaev, Founder, Managing Partner

dmitry ufaev

Dmitry is an Entrepreneur, VC and 3 time Ironman Triathlete.  He also has 20+ years experience of C-Level positions.


Julian Zegelman, Co-Founder Chief Legal Officer

julian zegelman

Julian is a corporate attorney at Velton Zegelman in San Francisco and start-up junkie.