BitWise Hold 10 Private Index Fund

Assets Under Management
Minimum Investment
Raise Goal
YTD Return 1Lock
Lifetime Return1Lock
Number of Investors 1Lock


The Bitwise HOLD 10 Private Index Fund is a smart, safe, and convenient way to invest in the cryptocurrency market. It is currently limited to U.S. accredited investors, with a $10,000 minimum investment.


Location: San Francisco, California


Hunter Horsley, Cofounder and CEO

Hunter horsley.jpg

Previously Product Manager at Facebook and Instagram. Studied business at Wharton.

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Hong Kim, Cofounder

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Previously Software Security Researcher in the Korean military. Studied computer science at University of Pennsylvania.


Naval Ravikant,  Advisor


Elad Gil,  Advisor


Avichal Garg,  Advisor