Blockstack Signature Fund
Assets Under Management $5,269,894
Minimum InvestmentNot Disclosed
Raise Goal$5,519,892
YTD Return Not disclosed
Lifetime ReturnNot Disclosed
Number of Investors Not disclosed


Invest in companies building decentralized applications on top of the Blockstack.


Location: New York


Muneeb Ali

Muneeb Ali is a distributed systems PhD from Princeton and gives guest lectures on cloud computing there. He went through Y Combinator and was awarded a J. William Fulbright Fellowship.

Ryan Shea

Ryan Shea studied engineering at Princeton, went through Y Combinator, and was inducted into the Forbes 30 Under 30. He has authored several popular open source libraries in cryptography and blockchains.

Jude Nelson

Jude Nelson did PhD-level research in distributed systems at Princeton and worked as a core member of PlanetLab, which received the ACM Test of Time Award for enabling planetary scale experimentation and deployment.

Aaron Blankstein

Aaron Blankstein received his PhD from Princeton and bachelors from MIT. His work on the CONIKS key management protocol was awarded the 2017 Caspar Bowden Award for Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

Larry Salibra

Larry Salibra co-founded Pay4Bugs, a crowdsourced security analysis and software testing platform, and is a founding member of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. His work exposed private data leakage in Chinese Tinder clone Tantan, and how Apple censors apps in China.

Gina Abrams

Gina Abrams studied Psychology and Social Sciences at Binghamton University. Previously she spent two years in agency technical recruiting, during which time she assisted numerous NYC start-ups in mission critical DevOps, SRE and Security hires.

Guy Lepage

Guy Lepage is an award-winning designer, who has been recognized by the Lotus Awards and the New York Festivals for branding, and is a finalist for the INDEX award 2017. He has worked on many brands from Toyota to Disney and was a startup founder of a digital ad agency earlier.

Patrick Stanley

Patrick Stanley studied Economics and Psychology at Johns Hopkins, and was the first employee at Earnest. In a growth role, he helped it scale from 3 to 200+ employees and go from $0 to $1.5B in loans within 3 years.

Jack Zampolin

Jack Zampolin came to Blockstack from InfluxData where he engaged with and grew the developer community as a Developer Evangelist. Before that he helped launch a hardware startup called RightPSI in Bozeman, MT.

Michael Freedman, Technical Advisor

Michael Freedman is a distributed systems Professor at Princeton. He was awarded the Presidential Early Career Award (PECASE), the Sloan Fellowship, and his research has led to commercial products and deployed systems reaching millions of users daily.

JP Singh, Technical Advisor

JP Singh received his PhD from Stanford University and is a leading authority on scalable infrastructure and applications. He is the director of the Princeton CTO Program, serves on the board of 8×8, Inc., and has been a consultant to Intel, Microsoft, and the U.S. Government.