Blockweather Holdings, LLC
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Simple and Profitable

Blockweather makes investments in digital currencies simple and profitable. They do all the research and chart analysis, execute the trades, and report the returns to you.  Once you invest, there is essentially no work you need to do.

Low Feesbelieve that we have the lowest fees of any digital currency investment firm, and among the highest returns.

Blockweather believes that we have the lowest fees of any digital currency investment firm and among the highest returns.


As a testament to the security and encryption technology that Blockweather uses to protect your personal and financial information and assets, they have never experienced any breaches in security or unauthorized access to client information.  Blockweather uses the same technology to protect your information as they do to protect our own.

Ethics and Integrity

All Blockweather employees and associates are held to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism.  Blockweather has experienced no violations of these strict standards or of our Code of Ethics, which is based on the code of Greenwich Compliance.

Blockweather was founded by friends and family with experience with Wall Street hedge funds, the Chicago Board of Trade, and major financial institutions. Our company dynamic continues as that of friends and family. We truly care about our clients’ success.

Our mission is to be the Blockchain industry’s premier asset management firm by delivering consistent risk-adjusted returns while maintaining the highest ethics.

Location: Kailua, HI


Shane Shields, Co-Founder

David Henry, Co-Founder