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Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited has created the first institutional-grade Bitcoin investment strategy (“GABI”), applying the highest professional management standards to create a truly groundbreaking venture.

The aim of GABI is to provide exposure to the price movements of bitcoin while managing the risks which come with being involved in an exciting new market.

Bitcoin’s acceptance has grown rapidly as investors have begun to recognize the value of an asset with limited issuance, insulated from the effects of any country’s monetary policy.

GABI is the first institutional-grade program for managing exposure to bitcoin. We have a proven track record managing the risks and inherent volatility while outperforming the US Dollar Bitcoin index over the long term. We bring extensive expertise and research into the drivers behind bitcoin as the pre-eminent digital currency; investing long, short and trading, in order to produce outstanding returns for their investors.

Location:  Jersey, Channel Islands


Jean-Marie Mognetti, Co-Principal Head of Trading & Operations

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Mr. Mognetti is a director and shareholder of Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited. Mr. Mognetti is registered with the National Futures Association (NFA) as a Principal, an Associated Person, and a National Futures Association (NFA) associated member of Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited and is also approved as a Key Person of Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC).



Daniel Masters, Co-Principal Chief Investment Officer

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Mr. Daniel Masters, also known as Danny, is the Co-Principal and Chief Investment Officer at Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited and also serves as its Director. Mr. Masters is the Co-Founder at Global Advisors LP since 1999 and serves as its Co-Principal, Portfolio Manager and Director of Trading & Execution. He oversees trading.

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Russell Newton, Co-Principal, Head of Research

russell newton

Mr. Russell Newton, also known as Rus, is the Co-Founder at Global Advisors LP since 1999 and its Co-Principal, Portfolio Manager and Director of Systematic Model Research & Development. He runs quantitative analysis from the firm. Prior to this, Mr. Newton was employed at JP Morgan since 1993 where he served as a Global Commodities Strategist, covering base and precious metals as well as energy. He developed new derivative trade structures and new techniques for researching, analyzing and modeling markets. Mr. Newton also served at The Phibro Energy Division of Salomon, Inc. and Rhein Oel Limited. He began his career as a Crude Oil Trader at Royal Dutch Shell Plc in 1986. As the Head of Shell’s futures and forwards trading, he was one of the original developers of pricing models for the Brent CFD market.

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Simon Harman, Director, Head of Legal & Compliance

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Dwayne Drexler, Non-Executive Director

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