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Selling of new cryptocurrency supply to users in open online exchanges quickly to avoid exposure to large price swings in volatile cryptocurrency markets, and strategically based on quantitative metrics that Crypto Alpha developed to evaluate market conditions and expectations. Constantly seeking the greatest return per unit of risk, be it in the operation of their servers or in allocating revenues in their strategic preferred shares buyback program through the use of quantitative metrics. Generating value for shareholders by owning and operating cryptocurrency mining data-centers thereby allowing shareholders to profit from the growth of the overall cryptocurrency market with a unique risk profile.

Location: Dover, New Hampshire with planned operations in Kalispell Montana



Matt Griswold, Chairman, CEO


An innovator in the technical and business world whose main concern is to streamline technologies to improve user satisfaction. According to their website, Mr. Griswold is a “research operative experienced in the reduction of new concepts to practice”. Before Mr. Griswold became the CEO of Crypto-Alpha, he was an engineering technologist in Harvard University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences providing engineering, technical, logistical and maintenance support to the Disease Biophysics Group. Mr. Griswold is also an Energy Manager in Lantern Energy conducting Energy audits in Commercial, Agricultural, and Industrial applications to identify investment opportunities in energy infrastructure considering economic and environmental objectives, a lab manager and research operative in UNH, Department of Chemistry, Biomaterials Design Group, a founding chairman and part of the executive board of directors in UNH’s Makerspace at the Peter T Paul Entrepreneurship Center, a licensing associate at UNH innovation, and a lean innovation strategy evangelist at the University innovation fellows.



Andrew Gibson, Director, Finance


Mr. Gibson has a degree in Finance from the University of New Hampshire and is certified in Quantitative Finance and Business Analytics. With his educational background, Mr. Gibson is working as a Commodity Trader alongside a wholesale commodity broker who is focused on optimizing and automating transactions. Before Mr. Gibson became a director in finance in Crypto Alpha, he was a founding member of the Rines Angel Investment Fund, the first undergraduate angel investment fund in America.



Cody Garcia, Director, Treasurer


Mr. Garcia obtained his degree in Bachelor of Business Administration major in Accounting from the University of Texas after serving four years of honorable service in the U.S. Marine Corps. Aside from being Director and Treasurer in Crypto Alpha, he is an internal auditor of Bexar County Auditor’s Office. He is also pursuing a CFE certification as an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.



Andras Fekete, Director


Mr. Fekete has a PhD in computer science and a masters in electrical engineering. He is an experienced cryptocurrency miner because he had run his own bitcoin mining farm in the past, and has participated on sites like BTCJam which was a Bitcoin micro-lending site.