Cyber Capital
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YTD Return1699%
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Cyber Capital specializes in cryptocurrency investment and actively manages a diversified portfolio, consisting of more than fifty different types of digital tokens.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Boudewijn Rooseboom, Founder

After completing his Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Amsterdam in 2003, Boudewijn moved to Alaska. After a year, he moved to Brazil and worked with companies like Verizon Business and Access Latin America. It was only in 2010 that Boudewijn set up the company Stonerose Property in Brazil where he gained a lot of experience with overseas investments. In early 2016, he founded Cyber Capital to help people invest in a digital future.



Justin Bons, Founder – Investment Strategist

Justin studied political philosophy and history at the University of Auckland. Shortly afterward he emigrated from New Zealand to the Netherlands in 2013. During this time he discovered cryptocurrencies which led to the creation of a bitcoin mining operation in 2014. He now devotes his full time to cryptocurrencies, doing ‘fundamental analysis’ with a focus on the underlying governance models. Through writing articles and giving lectures, he regularly participates in the public debate surrounding cryptocurrency. He is also a voting member of Bitcoin Unlimited and an outspoken proponent of larger blocks in Bitcoin.

Justin Bons


Amadeo Brands, Code Analyst

After completing his technical and economic studies, Amadeo worked in the capacity of a technical delivery manager for the private equity sector, then as an IT Consultant and Mendix developer. It was in 2014, he received his first Bitcoins for freelance development work and delved deeper into cryptocurrencies and then mostly the technology behind it.  He joined Cyber Capital in 2017 to put this knowledge into practice. He does fundamental and code analysis to see which cryptocurrencies can actually live up to their promises.

amadeo Brands


Jan-Willem Verhees, IT Manager

After completing his studies in Computer Science, with a Master in Embedded Systems, at the Technical University of Eindhoven, Jan-Willem left for St. Petersburg, Russia in 2007. After working there for 6 years, he co-founded Orange Sputnik in 2013. Subsequently, in 2015, he co-founded the Dutch company Flounders BV. His first encounter with cryptocurrencies was in 2013. Being too busy himself, he doesn’t have enough time to time to keep him to have deep knowledge on the subject matter and totally believe on the services offered by Cyber Capital, as cryptocurrencies require specific attention to be able to thoroughly understand them.