Do you include funds not in the US?  Yes, as of writing this about 30% of the funds we have location data for are located outside of the US Why do I need to be a verified accredited investor to see all the data? Many fund managers send us the data directly.  US securities law only allows us show data to verified accredited investors What level of assets do I need to be an accredited investor? Net worth of 1 million or make $200,000 a year How do I get verified as an accredited investor? Go to website and click on “Verify Yourself.”  You can also have your attorney or accountant write us a letter after verifying your assets. What information are you currently tracking? YTD Return, Last Month Return, Lifetime Return, Minimum Investment, AUM, Raise Goal, Status, Number of Investors, Fund Type, Team Information, Team Social Media Accounts, Fund manager email, Location, Fees, How often investors withdraw, Shorting, Maximum drawdown, Fund Cap, Fund Distributions, Initial Lockup Period, Same terms for all investors, Situs of Incorporation location, Auditors, Legal Representation, Custodian, Banks, Fund Administrator, Compliance Company, KYC/AML Checks, Leverage, Dividends, Crypto Percentage hold vs others, website, and whether the fund is an SEC registered firm. What is a Qualified Purchaser? It is a level above Accredited Investor. You must have at list 5 million in assets.  Some funds are only allowed to show their data to Qualified Purchasers.