Have a question about the Crypto Fund Database?

Do you include both US and non-US funds?

Yes. The crypto fund database includes funds from more than 60 countries.

Why do I need to be a verified accredited investor to see the performance data?

Because fund managers provide us with performance data directly, US securities laws require us to confirm your status as an accredited investor or qualified client/purchaser before providing performance data.

If you do not meet these requirements, you can still get access to our entire database of crypto funds without performance data by signing up for standard membership.

How do I get verified as an accredited investor?

There are a couple of ways you can verify your investor status:

1) Go to verifyinvestor.com and click “verify yourself”.


2) Have your attorney or CPA write us an opinion letter verifying your assets meet the accredited investor criteria.

What different products do you offer?

We offer three different memberships to meet the needs of founders, third party service providers, research groups, high net worth investors, and institutional investors.

The Standard Database includes full online access to our entire database of crypto funds and is available to everyone. This database does not include performance data.

The Performance Database includes full online access to our entire database of crypto funds as well as performance data. This database is only available to accredited investors and qualified clients/purchasers.

The Institutional Database is the same as the Performance Database, but also allows the data to be downloaded directly in Excel format. It also includes logins for up to 10 employees.

What information are you currently tracking?

We currently track more than 60 categories of information on each fund. These include fund address, phone, company email, up to four employees with contact information, year founded, portfolio holdings, AUM, lockups/distributions, monthly performance returns, YTD performance returns, auditor, custodian, legal, admin, and more.

How can I add my fund to your database?

There is no charge to have your fund listed in our database. Simply fill out the fund information form here.

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