Hyperchain Capital

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HyperChain is a premier digital assets hedge fund focused on distributed ledger based projects, decentralized protocols and ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings). They are a team of experienced distributed ledger experts, entrepreneurs at heart.

HyperChain Capital team is positioned as an early investor in distributed ledger protocols and organizations that supports new technologies.

Location: Singapore


Stelian Balta, Founder & Managing Partner

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Stelian is a voracious reader, entrepreneur and global investor. He is an entrepreneur since he was 16, Stelian Balta has started, managed and sold successful companies in social gaming, online and mobile casino industries and financial services.

With vast trading experience in financial markets around the world and managing investment funds for global investors, right now he is focused exclusively, like a laser, on his life passions: technology, digital finance and innovation.

Wide-ranging work-experience focused on private equity, business development, product strategy in North America, Europe, Dubai, Israel, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Responsible for creating and managing successful teams around the world, all through the founding, complete fund-raising process and leading the product strategy.

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