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Macroscape is a blockchain consulting services creating equality and prosperity on the blockchain for medium to enterprise businesses. Issuing securities or tokens? Their legal teams are the most knowledgeable in the industry. Hyperledger, Bitcoin, Monax or Ethereum? They work with the top 1% of developers in the industry. They provide quality assurance testing from the best developers in the blockchain space.

Location: Brooklyn, New York


Nathan Windsor, Founder and CEO

nathan windsor.jpg

 Mr. Windsor is a UX-focused product consultant, engineering mentor, and serial entrepreneur who helps startups bring ideas to market. Nathan loves Meteor.JS and Ruby and proving to others why they should too. In addition, he has over four years of experience building products and their integrated teams and he is an evangelist and contributor to blockchain open source initiatives.

He has worked as a blockchain consultant for companies in various verticals.

He has started a few companies using blockchain tech, and he likes to help others build their companies.