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Minimum Investment $1,000,000
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Metastable follows a buy and hold cryptoasset hedge fund strategy. Portfolios of cryptoassets are carefully chosen based on their technical knowledge of the protocols of selecting the portfolio that have the strongest chance of emerging as long-term winners. In other words, portfolios of cryptoassets are carefully chosen based on their cryptoasset analysis strategies.

Location: Silicon Valley, California


Joshua Seims, Founder and CEO


Hacker, entrepreneur, and now crypto currency hedge fund operator

Joshua Seims earned his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Harvard. Mr. Seims then worked with Industrial Light and Magic as a software engineer. After which Mr. Seims founded Hitplay, a platform for large-scale video distribution. Mr. Seims is also a CEO of TrustedCoin, a bitcoin transaction cosigning service. With his expertise in information technology, Mr. Seims founded Metastable. Having worked with bitcoins, his experience with them supplied him with the technical knowledge of selecting the best cryptoasset portfolios.

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Lucas Ryan, Founder