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Numerai is a new kind of hedge fund.

Numerai transforms and regularizes financial data into machine learning problems for global network of data scientists. Numerai is not a search for the ‘best’ model; it is a platform to synthesize many different, uncorrelated models with many different characteristics. Our data scientists compete on the leaderboard, but models are ranked and rewarded based on their contribution to the meta model. A trustless relationship exists between Numerai and the data scientists, facilitated by encryption and anonymity. Data scientists do not need to tell us who they are and receive payments in Bitcoin.

Location: San Francisco, California


Richard Craib, Founder

Richard Craib.jpg

Craib founded crowdsourced quant hedge fund Numerai, where data scientists (using encrypted data sets) create machine-learning models to predict stock market moves. Has the backing of Peter Diamandis, Renaissance Technologies cofounder Howard Morgan and Union Square Ventures.

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