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Superbloom HF is a crypto asset hedge fund focused on active cryptocurrency management, buy/hold ICO investing, and buy/hold cryptocurrency investments.

This fund takes a significant investment in ICO’s and active trading positions. Their main goal is to use models, data science, and machine learning to automate trading. The fund managers of Superbloom HF are fully committed to maximizing LP return.

Location: San Francisco, California


Emmie Chang, Managing Partner

Emmie Chang

Obsessed with experiential education with a mission to teach the next generation of kids ‘how to think’ by using technology as a means.

Created Wonder-Space Technology Summer Camps 10+ years ago to help kids learn about technology outside of academics (think Game Design and Social Media v. Powerpoint and Typing). Recently founded Camperoo as a way to give kids the 21st century skills they need to succeed, Now.

Experienced in operations regarding private tutoring, virtual tutoring and developing adaptive e-learning technologies for K-12 public schools and consumer.Innovator of education technology, striving to improve education and building a better way for parents to find great programs for their kids.

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Kenzi Wang, Managing Partner

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Previous tech venture investor and NEA-backed founder-CEO, Math Columbia, MBA Wharton

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Richard Titus, Operating Partner

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Global senior executive (CXO) with 20+ years in digital transformation

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Richard Hecker, Venture Partner

Richard Hecker

Richard Hecker is an entrepreneur and investor in NYC. He is the CEO of Traction + Scale LLC, a holding company that invests in companies that transform their industries and the world. Previously, he ran one of the largest social networks in the world and started the first non-profit on Facebook. He serves as Chairman of inSparq, leading marketing and community strategy. In his spare time, he is studying to be a yoga teacher. Richard holds a BS in Finance from Binghamton University and regularly lectures at leading universities including Columbia and NYU.

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Brandon Le, Venture Partner

Brandon Le.jpg

Previous YC Founder, Cryptoeconomics Researcher, MIT Aerospace Engineering