The Token Fund

Assets Under Management
Minimum Investment
Raise Goal
YTD Return531%
Lifetime Return531%
Number of Investors 1Lock


The Token Fund is like an exchange-traded fund (ETF) for Bitcoins and altcoins. The fund aims to make it easy for individual investors to participate in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

The goal of The Token Fund is to issue tokens (under the symbol TKN) that allow users to purchase and securely store a variety of digital assets.

Today, there are hundreds of digital assets. Investors understand the value of these digital assets. However, it can be hard to diversify or treat digital assets as a smart investment – especially if you can’t keep up with every new ICO that takes place.

Location: Moscow Russia


Viktor Shpakovsky, Managing Partner & Fund Manager

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Vladimir Smerkis, Managing Partner & Fund Manager

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Vladimir Smerkis is an entrepreneur and private investor in blockchain projects of early stages from Moscow. He writes about the blockchain community in Russia, altcoin development and launching ICO’s. Co-founder of crypto-assets fund (The Token Fund, 2017), an author and host of the radio show “Silikonovie Dali” (Silicon Valley) about digital business and innovations on Radio Megapolis 89,5 FM. Former deputy vice-president for international development at Group.

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Igor Doganov, Fund Manager

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Vadim Koleoshkin, Partner, Product Manager

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Alexey Bashlykov, Partner, Ethereum Developer

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Aleksandr Volkov, Lead Backend Developer

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Evgeny Yurtaev, Partner, Architect

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Alex Fork, Advisor

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Wulf Kaal, Advisor

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Julian L. Zegelman, Advisor

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Chris Skinner, Advisor

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Cao Yin, Advisor

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Elena Masolova, Advisor

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