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XRAM Capital is a crypto asset investment management company. With over 30 years of combined blockchain and cryptocurrency experience, they direct investments with a long term, dependable growth strategy. XRAM methods for securing, managing, reporting and monitoring investments are world class.

At the heart of XRAM Capital are there research efforts. They employ a team of analysts with both the technical and financial knowledge to best place investment. Crypto economics require around-the-clock focus and attention.  Every investment will undergo a series of reviews that investigate five aspects; white paper, team, code, market need and financial expectations.

What sets XRAM Capital apart from many of the other funds is their eagerness to help, educate and advise investors on these changes that unfold tomorrow, next month and the years to come.

Location: Dallas, TX


Cody Marx Bailey, CEO

cody marx bailey

Cody mostly spent his career seeking organizational problems to which he can apply his unorthodox perspective and create efficiencies. Leveraging technology and his ability and skills to write software, he has worked with companies such as AdventGX as Creative Director, Texas A&M, and Dell.

Currently, Cody focuses on targeting small-to-mid-size companies where his technical abilities and expertise can create tangible effects for a targeted population – wherever his clients may be.

Cody enjoys inspiring and leading his community in public works projects and consistently seizes the opportunity at home to accelerate policy development. When it comes to his work, he believes that your location should not limit the work that you do, and travels the world making his clients happy to prove his point.

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Clayton Meadows, COO


Nicki Holcombe, Director of Investor Relations